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FiiO Q5 Review

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How does FiiO's Q5 compare to the iFi xDSD and Chord Mojo?

Detailed introduction on how to explore the functions of Q5!

Review from Headfonia


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Sound wise, it’s one of the best device you can get in this price range, and the best sounding FiiO device at the moment.

It can outperform the competitor once the balanced ouput is in use, none of them being capable of offering a soundstage this wide. Virtually, you can connect almost anything and the Bluetooth transmission worked really well. You can even watch some movies with the Q5, the delay being reasonably low thanks to the strong Bluetooth chip embedded. On the go, it’s easier to connect and if you need the best quality, you still get USB-in.

Review from Headfonics


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The Q5 has way too many features and I am sure I missed a few but I really wanted to keep this focused on IEM portability and wireless/wired integration features which is where I think the Q5 excels.

The value right now of the Q5 is very strong. I think especially for those who want the amp card system but do not want to go flagship prices with the X7 Mark II. I do rate it better than the X5iii on pure sound quality alone so its a very attractive wired and wireless solution for those who want to hang onto their existing sources.

Review from Android Guys

Fiio Q5 HiFi Bluetooth-Enabled Portable DAC Synopsis – Possibly the best for the money

Author:Josh Noriega
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The Q5’s price isn’t “cheap” in the grand scheme of things, but when you hear the cleanness, articulation, separation, and detail that this DAC pumps out, the reality comes into focus. This is true audiophile-grade quality that usually costs closer to $1K

Judging by the rest, we were expecting audio quality and a sound signature from the Q5 like that of the X7 II. This would be a fine thing. We adored the well-rounded and lively audio from the X7 II, and we’d be getting that top-notch experience at half the price with the Q5.

Review from YOUTUBE

FiiO Q5 DAC Headphones Amplifier Review

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FiiO Q5 DAC Headphones Amplifier Review

FiiO Q5 DAC Headphones Amplifier Review Buy: goo.gl/7Rxs9F Watch Ifi audio Pro idsd review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhHIN... If you like this Video, You can check our website: http://samma3a.com/ , and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Review from iLounge

Review: FiiO Q5 DAC

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The Q5 sounds clean and distortion-free, even when pushed to its gain and volume limit. We spent a week using the Q5 over USB, optical, and Bluetooth, and it sounds great, even with Bluetooth.

We’ve reviewed a number of do-it-all audio devices in the past few years; our nerdy nature can’t help but be drawn to the versatility. Even in that company, the Q5 is an impressive device. Add to the usual list of inputs and outputs swappable power amp modules, dedicated power circuits, and Bluetooth streaming, and we think they’ve got something special here.

Review from Head-Fi

FiiO Q5: Swiss Army Knife - (Almost) Reference

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And generally, the Q5 is a super versatile, clean and transparent sounding device that offers a lot and doesn’t cost much. And it sounds great over Bluetooth.

The FiiO Q5 DAC-Amp is designed as a super versatile, competitively priced Swiss army knife perfectionist flagship. And it deserves this status.

Review from Headphone&Earphone.Reviews

FiiO Q5 – Flagship Blue-tooth DAC/amp – a Game Changer

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The Q5 (and I liken this to hearing the HD800S) is a game changer for me. Finally something I can use with my smart-phone, and get true audiophile sound quality.

The Q5 delivers excellent sound quality in a durable and well thought out form factor. It is very user friendly in terms of DAC set-up, and simply plug and play use. It has very good power output in balanced mode with the AM3A, and being modular, you also have great power options with FiiO’s AM5 module.

Review from Head-Fi

FiiO Q5 - Rule Them All

Author:George Dobrescu
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At 350USD, FiiO Q5 is a true steal, and it provides an extremely fun experience, with a sound that honestly competes with FiiO's flagship device, FiiO X7mkii.

The sound quality of Q5 is outstanding, or rather, for the price it is unbelievable. The sonic performance is exactly the same as that of FiiO X7mkii, as long as both are running the same AMP module.

Review from Headphone.Guru


Author:Gary Alan Barker
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FiiO Q5 Since its inception the portable headphone amplifier has been the cornerstone of Personal Audio, and FiiO has been no stranger to the portable headphone amplifier market. Hence it is no surprise that to follow up the introduction of their new IEMs

The FiiO Q5 Flagship Bluetooth & DSD-Capable Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier never faltered regardless of source or headphone and showed epic versatility well worth the modest price. While it would never replace a high-end DAP, it is a first rate choice for those who rather enhance their smart phone’s capabilities or just want a low cost portable desktop unit for use with a laptop or tablet.

Review from Everyday Listening

Fiio Q5 Review – A New Challenger

Author:Ryan Soo
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In turn, Fiio’s Q5 hits a sweet spot, as one of the most impressive DAC/AMPs I’ve recently tested in terms of value.

It should also be noted that this isn’t just due to its sound, as the Q5 is impressively feature packed. Its wireless connectivity is genuinely compelling while Fiio’s implementation of the same swappable AMP modules as the X7 enhances its versatility (though at additional cost).

Review from Head-Fi

Authority In Sound&Design For All Your Mobile Devs

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For which customer type do I recommend it? All users who want to get into HiRes Sound, planning to purchase a DAC/Amp for their phones and maybe struggling with the question of buying a DAP

This nice-built gadget would offer you so many luxury possibilities like: Improve your phone as source; Eliminate the need to stack by using AptX Bluetooth (operate the wired Q5-headphone combo via App of your unleashed phone); Use it with your many other HiFi devices; Power high impedance headphones (maybe also using AM5 instead of the included AM3A module); Even improve already existing HiRes DAPs (like the X5 III), which are really hard to resist!

Review from Soundnews

FiiO Q5 – Regele Liniaritatii

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Q5 mi-a placut atat legat la un iPhone prin Bluetooth, cat si pe cablul lightning direct. A sunat excelent ca DAC USB si ca DAC legat via optic la un Chromecast intr-un sistem stereo cu boxe.

De data aceasta FiiO a incercat sa imbine calitatile audio de care trebuie sa fie capabil un flagship precum Q5 cu o usoara muzicalitate in care sufletul muzicii trebuie sa fie prezent. Le-a iesit cu brio aceasta imbinare si cred ca Q5 suna peste multe aparate ascultate la acest nivel de pret.

Review from Soundnews

FiiO Q5 – Linearity King

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I liked this little fella both via Bluetooth and directly via the lightning cable. It sounded great as an USB DAC and as DAC linked via optical to a Chromecast audio in a speaker based system.

This time, FiiO has tried to combine the technical qualities that a flagship such as Q5 must be capable of with a slight musicality in which the soul of music must be present. I can say this merging was achieved and I think that the Q5 sounds better than many devices I have listened to at this price point.

Review from Head-Fi

FiiO Q5 Powerful Versatile Bluetooth Device.

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Fiio Q5 may win the 2018 best bluetooth audiophile device of the year. A gamer changer setup.

---Pros--- Powerful Bass, good treble extensions without sibilance or harshness. Reasonable price. Tons of connectivity and options, custom leather case, good bluetooth stability and AAC, DSD APTX support. ---Cons--- None. But would love an EQ in the companion app.

Review from Head-Fi

Fiio Q5 And The Competition

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The Q5 is one of the best available portable DAC/amps today with some unique selling points: clean, clear and dynamic sound plus firmware upgradable Bluetooth functionality.

Overall the Q5 is a very impressive device. Top notch build quality, very impressive sound quality. It is up there with the best portable DAC/amps available today.

Review from YouTube

FiiO Q5 amp/dac Review (using an ipod)

Author:Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews
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Do I recommend this item? Yes, I do, it's kind of why I'm doing a second video cause I don't do second videos for stuff that I can't get my brain around it. This is fantastic!

This would be my two main listening devices for now, wait for the reviews to come that'll give you all of the specifications and comparisons with other devices.

Review from YouTube

FiiO Q5 review

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It has all the features I like!

To summerize: it's a really interesting device with a lot of connectivity options, a lot of potential features......

Review from Hi-Tech News

Обзор портативного ЦАП FiiO Q5 — флагман, что ждали так долго

Author:Павел Дмитриев
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Похоже, самый длинный долгострой FiiO наконец-то увидел свет. Анонсированный ещё несколько лет назад топовый портативный ЦАП и усилитель Q5, претерпев несколько редизайнов и изменений концепции, обрёл реальное воплощение и скоро появится в продаже.

Что же представляет собой Q5? В первую очередь — достаточно серьезный мобильный ЦАП с двумя AK4490EN и полностью балансной схемой. За USB отвечает XMOS, обеспечивающий все новомодные плюшки, включая DSD256, попутно получена MFi-сертификация, обеспечивающая беспроблемную работу с iOS-устройствами. Не забыты и оптический/коаксиальный входы, если вдруг у вас завалялся какой-то источник для них. Идею с Wi-Fi пришлось отбросить (по словам FiiO, сильно шумел), но для любителей беспроводности предусмотрели Bluetooth 4.2 с aptX. В теории используемый CSR8670 умеет в Bluetooth 5.0, и FiiO даже предусмотрели возможность обновления прошивки беспроводного модуля, но я бы не стал рассчитывать на то, что подобное обновление обязательно увидит свет. Так что принимаем за данность то, что уже есть сейчас: 4.2 и aptX (ну и AAC для iOS).

Review from kropka.audio

FiiO Q5 [recenzja]

Author:Maciej Sas
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FiiO Q5 to moim zdaniem znakomity wielofunkcyjny wzmacniacz. Nie spodziewałem się aż tak wysokiego poziomu, tymczasem urządzenie jest wzorowo wykonane, ładne, a także proste w obsłudze.

FiiO Q5 wygląda niczym pozbawiony ekranu DAP w stylu X7 II. Konstrukcja jest zresztą zbliżona także dlatego, że oba urządzenia pozwalają na zastosowanie tych samych modułów wzmacniaczy. FiiO Q5 jest standardowo wyposażony w moduł AM3A jak FiiO X7 II.

Review from mercular

มินิรีวิว Fiio Q5 DAC-Amp ระดับเรือธงรุ่นใหม่จาก Fiio

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เป็นไงกันบ้างครับ สำหรับ DAC-Amp ระดับเรือธงตัวใหม่ของ Fiio เรียกได้ว่ามีฟีเจอร์ทีน่าสนใจออกมาเพื่อเอาใจนักฟังเพลงมากทีเดียว โดยกำหนดการเปิดตัวของ Fiio Q5 นี่จะอยู่ช่วงเดือน พฤศจิกายน 2559 นี้เองครับ เรียกได้ใครที่กำลังมองหา DAC-Amp ตัวใหม่ก็อดทนรอกันอีกน

เป็นไงกันบ้างครับ สำหรับ DAC-Amp ระดับเรือธงตัวใหม่ของ Fiio เรียกได้ว่ามีฟีเจอร์ทีน่าสนใจออกมาเพื่อเอาใจนักฟังเพลงมากทีเดียว โดยกำหนดการเปิดตัวของ Fiio Q5 นี่จะอยู่ช่วงเดือน พฤศจิกายน 2559 นี้เองครับ เรียกได้ใครที่กำลังมองหา DAC-Amp ตัวใหม่ก็อดทนรอกันอีกนิดนะครับ ไม่ถึงเดือนจะออกมาให้ลองเล่นกันแล้ว

Review from youtube

รีวิว Fiio Q5 Dac-Amp ไร้สายรุ่นใหม่ ระดับเรือธง ราคา 11,990 บาท (พร้อมทดสอบเสียง)

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FiiO Q5 เป็น DAC-Amp เรือธงที่คุ้มค่า ด้วยความสามารถอันล้นตัวทั้งในเรื่องการรองรับไฟล์เสียงต่างๆ แทบทุกชนิดที่มีในขณะนี้ สามารถเชื่อมต่อไร้สายคุณภาพสูง โดยยังให้คุณภาพเสียงที่ดีอยู่ และชิปเสียงภายในระดับเรืองธงถึง 2 ตัว พร้อมโมดูลแอมป์ที่ถอดเปลี่ยนได้ตามใ

เสียง FiiO Q5 สามารถทำให้คุณภาพเสียงดีขึ้นแบบรู้สึกได้ในทันที แ รายละเอียดเสียงดีขึ้นราวๆ 50% จากตอนแรก แนวที่ขับแล้วฟังสนุกเป็นแนวเน้นเบสเช่น Rock Alternetive Metal Hip-Hop EDM เป็นต้น เรียกได้ว่าเป็น DAC-Amp ที่ทำให้สัมผัสก่อน-หลังได้อย่างแท้จริง เหมาะนำมาเทสหูฟังหรือขับหูฟังที่ขับยากๆ ครับ

Review from The Master Switch


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As far as we are concerned, the Q5 is about the best portable amp you can get.

The circuitry inside it can handle audio up to 32 bit / 384 kHz, as well as handling DSD up to 256 standard. While those figures won’t mean much to all but the most geeky of all your heads, all you need to know is that the Q5 can handle very large audio files without breaking a sweat, meaning you get a significant uptick in quality.

Review from Youtube

First Look At New Headphones, Amps, DACs, And More At CanJam NYC 2018

Author:Jude / Head-Fi
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FiiO Q5 Flagship Bluetooth and DSD-Capable DAC & Amplifier

Thanks Jude (Head-Fi) for having FiiO Q5/ F9 Series/ FH1 specially featured in the CanJam NYC Preview Video.

Review from Youtube

FiiO Q5, (un box) Flagship DAC/Amp, Dual DAC, USB/Optical/Coaxial/Line in

Author:Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews
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FiiO Q5 Flagship Bluetooth and DSD-Capable DAC & Amplifier

Un boxing video

Review from Facebook

Things that you want to know about FiiO Flagship DAC & Amp Q5

Author:FiiO DAC & Amp Product Manager Demond
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It's definitely a very long story to tell you all the things about FiiO Q5, but I'll try to make it short.

The Q5 can be used with Android phones, and it's one of the most complete models of its kind on the market in terms of compatibility. So you may regard this function as a bonus, and please kindly understand that we do have our concerns for not promoting the compatibility with Android phones.

Review from Head-Fi

The FiiO Q5 Review.

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For me the Q5 is a great device and I will make it my own. For now, it is time to pass it to the next reviewer. Bye-bye Q5! But see you soon!

Q5 vs X5 - More effortless, more focused, cleaner upper mids with less grain but more detail, more even in the midrange, deeper bass, more extended highs.

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