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FiiO F5 Review – Balanced Budget Bargain

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Looking for a well built, budget priced in-ear earphone with a nicely balanced sound? Look no further than the FiiO F5.

If you’re looking to dabble in the world of audiophilia, or are merely looking for something cheap and affordable to use everyday that still sounds good, be sure to check the FiiO F5 out. It’s got everything that you need for a beater everyday carry earphone – metal body to prevent it from breaking easily, in-line mic and audio control, replaceable cables in case they break after getting snagged on the metro, and a nice easy going sound signature that I know most listeners will warm up to.

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Author:Narco dacunzolo
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F5 is a great product for this price range and surely can compete with IEMs that costs 2x its price. F5 has a natural sound signature, but still can give you a lot of fun and excitement.

For me is a good and natural improvements over the older model ex1 2nd gen, capable of giving you a more mature sound, with better voices reproduction and stronger and fuller bass response, in particular if used in balanced mode.

Review from SoundNews

FiiO F5 – From Scratch

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I consider F5 to be an interesting product, with lots of pros

Detachable cables Lots of accessories in the package, good quality of earphones and cables Good dynamics, fast and explosive sound Wide open soundstage, good depth (especially on balanced) Good macro-details, rich tonality Comfortable! Lack of air pressure in the ear canal Great price for what it offers

Review from Headfonics


Author: Marcus
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I am impressed with the F5, more than I thought I would be. Its inclusion of a balanced option is what should seal the deal for anyone sporting a balanced output source.

FiiO has been dabbling a little bit over the last year with single dynamic driver IEMs with the launch of the EX1, more recently the even cheaper F1 and F3 offerings

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FiiO’s F5 earphones outperform their $65 price tag

Author: Vlad Savov
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If you want a pair of uncomplicated buds that can do a bit of heavier lifting when you find nicer music, the F5s are a good set to consider.

Each F5 earbud is made out of aluminum and feels perfectly rigid and tough.

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Fiio F5 In Ear Headphones Review

Author:Tech Merit Reviews
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The TECH MERIT rating system is designed to take as many aspects of the device into account as possible. As such, we have a basic rating, as well as a final rating. The basic rating rates the product purely as a high quality portable audio device, and is

None of Fiio’s current IEMs are quite up to the task of competing with the likes of the MEE Audio Pinnacle P1, or 1MORE Triple or Quad. But then again, Fiio’s offerings also don’t play within those price-brackets. Instead, Fiio is pretty much dominating the sub-$70 IEM market in terms of sheer value. The F5 is quite possibly Fiio’s most valuable IEM to date. Whereas the EX1 2nd Gen offered fantastic sound quality and overall package value for $60, the F5 takes things a leap forward for only an additional $5.

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Fiio F5 Review – Apex Predator

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Good snappy bass, balanced cables included in package,price

Nice comfort, Removable cable, Warm but balanced sound, Soundstage, Great accessories.

Review from Head-fi

A Warm, Inviting Experience

Author: chowmein83
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Sound quality, comfort, good amount of accessories

FiiO could have priced it at over $100 and I still think it wouldn’t be overpriced. At its current price of $64.99, it’s a fantastic deal considering the whole package you are getting.

Review from Head-fi

FiiO F5 - The Well-Priced Whole-Package IEM

Author:Dobrescu George
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If you're looking for a laid back, happy sounding, warm and clear IEM, FiiO F5 makes one of the best companions for you. The balanced cable and really nice carry case are only the icing on the cake as F5 provides a complete package at a very good price!

Deep Bass, Vivid Mids, Large Soundstage, Open Design, Comfortable, Smooth and Polite Sound, Happy Sound, Value, Balanced Cables, Interchangeable Cables, Affordable Price

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F5 — это именно то, что компания умеет делать лучше всего: сбалансированное решение, предлагающее хорошее качество по доступной цене.

Именно так и получилось с выходом новых наушников F5, крепко наступивших на пятки не так давно вышедшим Fiio EX1-2.

Review from headfonia


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For the sub $80 price there is very little to complain about and with the balanced cable on a balanced source, the F5 certainly sounds better than it $80USD (TBC) price would suggest.

The new Fiio F5 is a one dynamic driven IEM that is made out of Anodized and galvanized aluminum alloys. The driver’s size is rather large with its 13.6mm and it features an aerospace titanium diaphragm.

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Fiio F5 IEM review

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Review video of F5

New great model from Fiio

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Recenzja FiiO F5

Author:Maciej Sas
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Rzadko dokanałówki potrafią przekazać kształtność niskich tonów, dobre uderzenie i dynamikę, tymczasem F5 wychodzi to dobrze, szczególnie przy połączeniu zbalansowanym.

FiiO F5 to najnowsze dokanałówki chińskiego producenta, które robią wrażenie możliwościami. Mają zapewnić świetną ergonomię i jakość brzmienia, posiadają odpinane kable MMCX, a ich membrany zostały powleczone tytanem.

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